Michael Kovitz is a professional classical guitarist performing and teaching in Raleigh, NC. He is the author of three books, numerous essays and poems — all of which reflect his lifelong interest in the teachings of the Masters and the quest for spiritual perfection. He has been a follower of Avatar Meher Baba since 1979 and has maintained a blog for over six years, Embedded in the Kali Yuga

Guitar Lessons - Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk, and Pop

Fingerboard harmony, ear training, reading, technique, interpretation and expression, vocal coaching for all accompaniment styles, student recording available in lessons. New, skype lessons are now available as an alternative or addition to regular lessons.

Wedding Music Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is a wonderful alternative to traditional piano and organ accompaniment for your prelude and ceremony.  Michael Kovitz is a full- time professional classical guitarist, performing weddings for over thirty years.


Excerpts of wedding prelude and processional
music arranged and performed by Michael Kovitz.