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Friends of Consciousness

Dance Of The Dream 

Gabriella Tal – writer/musician/lover of God-- http://gabriellatal.com/writing.htm

Who I am changes across the mysterious track of time.

When I check, my molecules are not the same molecules,
My cells are not the same cells.

I am decomposed and recomposed in energy, thought and light.
I come completely apart each night and slowly return to “myself” each morning.

There is no self; there is consciousness only,
which watches the dance of dissolving and reassembling
each day, each week, each month, each year.

I am only the dance, there is no dancer.

There is space between the impressions, memories, and emotions
that appear as real within my heart and mind.

The space is stupefying, a World in a world—
Inconsequential, Thunderous, and Silent.

The heart and mind it contains too disappear into mist across time,
showing no tendril of reality.

This appearance of reality
traps a set of beliefs that I am me—
a unique and separate soul
making a journey
in which who I began as
will not be who I end up to be—
at all.