Editing Services

We offer various levels of editing involvement to suit every writer’s needs, from simple spelling, punctuation, and grammar suggestions to help with plot and character development and that elusive question all writers pursue—finding their voice. Our aim is to help writers to bring the dream of their books into being. “Though the angels had wings to fly, they still ascended and descended the ladder step by step.”– Andre Segovia

Please look below at the description of our services and send us the first chapter or first thirty pages of your manuscript and tell us what areas you would like us to look at and we will send you a free sample edit of your work and our suggestion for the level of editing we recommend. (Usually within forty-eight hours).
All manuscripts must be submitted in word format.  No pdf’s or handwritten submissions can be accepted.

Basic Level Editing

$300 – up to 80,000 words

As writers ourselves, we have learned how difficult it is to edit one’s own work. Misspellings and typos that mechanical spell-checks overlook, like “form” for “from” or “there” where “their” is the correct word, are overlooked and become almost invisible to the writer.

Corrections and/or alternatives will be offered for wrong words, incorrect spelling, punctuation, and word and tense consistency.  This does not include character inconsistencies, date or factual inaccuracies. 

Intermediate Level Editing

$400 – up to 80,000 words

Here we go a little deeper.  Ever mindful of the sanctity of the author’s voice and vision, we help him or her to articulate and communicate it to the reader.

A review of your manuscript that includes checking for tone, perspective, complexity, sentence fragments, spelling, punctuation and flow.  This service includes everything covered by the Basic plus a review of consistency of tone, verbal tenses, and word choices.  It also includes suggestions for fixing awkwardly structured or poorly worded sentences and paragraphs. 

Advanced Level Editing

$500 – up to 80,000 words

Especially aimed at the first-time writer, we are aware of the difficulties faced in creating and maintaining an overall vision and voice throughout hundreds of pages of manuscript.  We have seen how things like the accuracy or inaccuracy of references to events and occurrences can be difficult to keep track of and maintain.

Advanced Level Editing includes all of the services covered by the Intermediate plus the following extras: suggestions to improve sentence structure and dialogue clarity and consistency in the characters.  We will check the time line of the story, and overview of the story, as well as date inaccuracies within the story.  We may suggest combinations or eliminations of major story threads or we may suggest more explanatory text in places. This service does not include addressing factual inaccuracies.

Other Editing Services

Other services include editing of books of longer than 80,000 words, as well as non-fiction, poetry, resumes, cookbooks, and some technical manuals.  Please contact us for more information on these services.

Pricing upon request.