Our Authors

Michael Kovitz
     The Stray
     Flame of Love
     The New Life
     Lovers of Silence – Lovers of Sound

Dorothy Mead
     The Triumph of Little Mel

Friends of Consciousness

Dyck Dewid
   I Am a Full Sky Now

Teresa Dietze
   Night Shores

Anna P.
   Manderly Remembers

Gabriella Tal
   Dance Of The Dream 






Friends of Consciousness

We would like to offer some samples of our writings and those of our Friends of Consciousness.

We at eladi welcome literary submissions that inspire and promote the perfecting of consciousness and sharing of love and longing for God. Please keep individual submissions to 500 words or less. Please submit only your own original writings.

We reserve the right to edit and excerpt all entries used on eladi-publications.com.

If you would like to submit a work to Friends of Consciousness, please submit it to us on the Contact Us page.