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Dyck Dewid
   I Am a Full Sky Now

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   Night Shores

Anna P.
   Manderly Remembers

Gabriella Tal
   Dance Of The Dream 





Friends of Consciousness

Manderly Remembers 

Anna P. – observer/thinker/writer

Cry out—the quiet
Dock lies deserted.

Empty space, once
Filled, remembers.

Ghosts of things once
Held here
Inhabit the space still.

Just as one
Keeps trying to place a coat on a hook
Long gone,
Never leave a place.

Once there were boats, but the
Quintessential to their existence
Ran away like the outgoing tide.

This place remembers.

Unfriended now,
Veils of spider spinners cover the boathouse

Xceptional listeners may hear the
Yawning of the tired dock as more:  A dying  
Zebra's cry is not more plaintive than this dock's lament for what once was.