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Friends of Consciousness

Night Shores

Teresa Dietze –  author/health care consultant/personal guide http://beingtotal.com

memory recedes in years,
like a wave sweeping back into the sea— 
disappeared yet ever present.

the night we walked—

walking with no reference points besides a fluid finger of sea
tracing the edge of our world
and stars to grace the summer sky. 

our prints unseen,
our love large and soft as night—
voices washing over sand. 

another shoreline and i walk alone with the unknown,

stars that stood sharp and clear now blur the rising mist.

my steps marching forward like minutes always do,
white foam shooting up the shore in sudden pursuit
erasing the image of my passing.

black forms morph from image to imagination,
now a sea lion,
a log,
a rock.

questions remain without substance,
unable to form themselves, 
—or to disappear.

what you may have known of me or i of you,

what the heart has wrought in the dark
sits, but does not settle,
sifts through the hands of time without ending.

the certainty of death,
the mystery of life,

the need to reach out again from this winter shore
while there is still yet time