5.0 out of 5 stars"A beautiful book. If you are a musician or any kind of artist - this book will offer you a profound insight into what it means to practice your art. Using a simple heartfelt story - in the form of a memoir - Kovitz introduces the reader to a spiritual vision of music, practice, self-development, and art. This is not a casual read. It is more like an extended philosophical poem. Each chapter provides many gems for reflection and meditation. The principles that are presented reveal what it means to practice life as a sacred art." – Eric Klein,

5.0 out of 5 stars"Mike has been my guitar instructor for five years now. I've been studying guitar and jazz for over 20 years. Mike's refined approach to learning music and studying guitar are reflected in a poetic dance of sophistication. It reveals the metaphysical aspect of mastering your art. If you love a musician read this book. You'll gain a better understanding of the person inside." – Gary Allen,

“I'm really enjoying the book as a whole. It seems to me as a fantastic
representation of the things that make you an exceptional teacher,
connecting working on music to working on oneself. Some of the
paragraphs were so eloquently written they elicited the kind of
reaction that one gets from good poetry. There were other parts that
you communicated some spiritual concepts as simply and clearly as I
have read from mortal writers. I honestly have marveled at how you
explained some things through Kubadi, and in such a natural way within
the confines of the story. I also was surprised how much I liked the
story itself and the characters.” – Ken Coleman,


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