From Silence to Sound – Richard Kyle’s Journey to Musical Competency
(A fictional memoir) by Michael Kovitz.

Following her husband’s sudden and surprising death, the wife of a student of the famous classical guitarist and spiritual teacher, Mr. Alex Kubadi, with his help and that of a few of his senior students, publishes her husband’s journal containing the notes and commentaries he kept over the years of his studies. A must read for lovers of music, musicians, and all seekers of truth.

“From Silence to Sound — Richard Kyle’s Journey to Musical Competency is a fictional memoir about a classical guitar student’s studies with a world-class musician and spiritual teacher. I chose the fictional memoir form because I felt there were already more than enough “how to” books on the guitar, and music in general, out there. I felt that the memoir form would allow the reader a more personal and subjective musical experience — an experience unique to the genre of guitar books.” Michael Kovitz

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