SuperVisions by Dr. Dorothy Mead and Michael Kovitz is a novel that explores the intersection of modern Western psychology and the teachings and metaphysics of the East. (From the Latin super, 'over', and vidêre, 'to watch, or see'.)

We are born with a map, but we quickly forget. "children guessed (but only a few and down they forgot as up they grew)." – e.e cummings. And so we learn to rely on the guidance from others whom we presume, we trust, we hope, have a wiser vision. These people influence us, and in turn we influence others. But where does it leave us? Where does it all lead? These are the questions weaving throughout the tale of SuperVisions.

Anita Burrows is attractive, smart, seemingly on her way to a promising career as a young lawyer, but she is tormented by the unresolved agony of her twin brother’s suicide nine years ago. When she discovers his private journal it reveals the dark secret behind his youthful suicide: sexual abuse at the hands of the family’s parish priest. The revelation tears the thin callous of time off her heart and challenges the tenuous grip she has on hope for her own future.

Jake O’Brien is in his mid-twenties and drifting, which has been true ever since his mother died in his early teens. Seeking refuge in the church, he suffered another traumatic blow when he and his closest friend were sexually abused by their parish priest. Ronny Burrows committed suicide — an act which continues to haunt Jake even now, nine years later. He discovers he is not alone in this torment of grief and guilt when he chances to cross paths with Ronny’s twin sister Anita.

Anita and Jake join forces in an attempt to heal their emotional wounds, embarking on a journey literally to save their lives. It is this quest which brings them into contact with Dr. Anne Rose, a gifted psychoanalyst with her own dark past, and Victor Linton, an enigmatic musician and teacher. It is through Victor that all eventually enter the orbit of Krita Baba, a God-Realized Perfect Master from India, and come to fulfill their individual destinies.

Set in Chicago and spanning the years from 1990 to 2008 this work of literary fiction delves into the larger issues of karma, reincarnation and the meaning of life.

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"Dust to Dust"       
"The Kitchen Table"

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